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Rugs, a heaven in home

The perfect rugs and carpets are the ideal retreat after a hectic day. They provide warmth, coziness and their style and utility have made them an important source of style statement in home decor.

Distinct and diverse range

What makes Its Handicraft standout from the crowd is that sellers from many regions of the world come here personally to sell their rugs. The sellers are themselves the rug artisans. This takes the middleman out of picture and therefore the prices here are much more reasonable. The rugs and carpets, runners, kilims, cicim kilims, wall hangings, kilim bags etc. range from being warm and cozy to refreshing and cool; from traditional styles to trendy designs.

Vibrant, fresh, dazzling as well as mellow and elegant color schemes, geometric patterns, floral designs and also bold and rare prints will sure spoil you for choice. You can have almost an endless selection of rare eye catching designs and patterns along with the finest textures and craftsmanship. Persian, Oriental, Turkish, Afghan and Indian every type of rugs are sold by artisans here.

Word of advice

Be sure to get yourself anti-slip rug underlay to keep your rugs and carpets and runners in place.

itshandicraft - Get the best deals for rugs for sale online or in Store, View one of the most comprehensive collections of Kilim Rugs, Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs and Afghan Rugs

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