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Silk Suzani Rugs Embroidery Suzani means "needlework" - specifically, the exquisite silk yarn embroidery panels made by Uzbek masters. Traditionally this embroidery work should begin a mother once a daughter is born, and is continuing with the help of family and friends until the bride's dowry was complete.

We are happy to bring you the latest and modern Uzbek suzanis at competitive prices. Our suzanis are genuine folk art, stitched by hand in the ancient traditional motif. You can use them as a cover for the bed and they can bring colour and texture to any environment. Silk Suzani Rugs make delightful wall hangings, bedspreads, furniture throws, pillows, and even tablecloths.

But in today’s modern world, suzani has become identical with the exquisite works of embroidery done in Uzbekistan. The disintegration of Soviet Union led the way for worldwide recognition of silk suzani created by the Uzbek people especially the women since the 19th century. Now they are one of the most coveted items of interior décor in households across the world. Recently a lot of Suzani styled pillows and furniture have been making their way to high street shops. Silk suzani pillow covers will brighten up any given room with its handmade traditional motifs such as: flowers, fruits, leaves and vines, sun and moon disks. Suzani embroidered pillow covers are made of cotton or silk fabric base with a cotton or silk thread.

The best at your fingertips

An enviable collection of silk suzani rugs that is guaranteed to light up your home is available at Itshandicraft. The items sold here are 100% handmade and are of the finest quality. The best thing about the products sold here is that it is the artisans themselves who are the sellers. We do not have any middleman and therefore, artisans from various parts of the world come here to sell their products directly. Due to this, the products are truly unique and their prices very much affordable.

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