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Kilim Rugs

Kilim Rugs are type of rugs that are flat tapestry woven and very much lightweight than the normal rugs and carpets. The splendid motifs, brilliant colors and easy maintenance of Turkish kilim rugs make them a great choice for floor coverings to deck up your interiors. Kilims also suffice as lovely wall hangings and draperies, kilim cushion, kilim pillow and kilim sofa covers and are much easier to maintain compared to normal rugs.

Handcrafted beauty for your home

The tradition of kilim weaving started in ancient Persia and Turkey and it has been ably reproduced in many parts of the world. Wool, cotton and silk form the primary components for kilim making. Women and girls are the leading weavers. Each kilim is different from the other and they are a statement of impeccable skill and superlative human craftsmanship. Kilim rugs of various regions are distinguishable by their designs that are influenced by geographical, political, cultural and environmental variants. In addition to being unique, opulent and lively, their patterns mix very well with modern architecture and as such kilim rugs are becoming more and more popular among the people.

A wide of handcrafted kilim rugs are available at ItsHandicraft. Here, there is no middleman and therefore kilim artisans from around the world come here to sell their products themselves. So, wait no longer and get your hands on these unique beauties to give a distinct look to your interiors.

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