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An expression of personality

Bags are one of the most popular ways to demonstrate your thinking and singular personality. Saddlebags, as the name suggests are the bags that are attached to saddle which rest at the back or front of the saddle. Horse riders, bikers use these bags the most. Leather was the original material whose use has decreased because of the weight and high maintenance involved. Kilim saddlebags are gaining popularity because of their lightweight, easy maintenance, decorative and colorful motifs.

The best collection

Kilim saddlebags of amazing variety and some of the finest quality are available at Its Handicraft. All the bags are carefully handcrafted by artisans from different corners of the world. The most important advantage that you get with us is that the makers of these products themselves come here to sell their creation to buyers like you. You do not have to endure the middleman and rather deal with the makers directly. Because of this, you can be assured of their authenticity, quality and rarity. This also makes the prices of these beautiful and rare products easily affordable.

Kilim Saddle Bags were traditionally hand woven exclusively for practical reasons. Vintage Turkish Kilim Saddlebags are the main means of transportation for nomadic tribes in Turkey and Anatolia. Today Carpet Saddlebags are highly valued by collectors and lovers of Oriental tapestry. Find Kilim Saddlebags and much more at

Go through our range of kilim saddlebags to select the ones which make you and your charm stand out. 

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