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The essential carpet accessory

No more flying Rugs, carpets and Kilims - Greatly helps to stop carpets or Kilims from moving; whether they are on wood, marble, tile, stone or indeed on a fitted carpet. Anti slip rug underlay is one of the most important accessory for carpets, rugs, kilims, runners or any such other floor coverings. The huge majority of rugs and carpets are made of wool, silk and cotton which make them slippery against the floor. This is very annoying and dangerous too because it can lead to accidents. If people are not careful while stepping on them, they might slip and fall because the rugs themselves do not have anything to hold them in their place. Another factor is that, if there is no rug underlay, the rugs and carpets easily will get creased or wrinkled and someone can trip on these. Anti slip rug underlay helps the rugs get a grip on the floor and prevents it from skidding across the floor.

The best in business

Various types of these anti skidders are available at Itshandicraft . They are soft yet sturdy enough to hold your rugs in place and also provide added warmth and coziness to the rug. The best part about shopping with us is that we have no middlemen and therefore the sellers here are the artisans themselves who create the products. That is why you can have one of kind and genuine products that too at very reasonable prices.

Browse through our varied range of very affordable anti slip rug underlay and make your rugs softer and safer. The underlay can be used with all types of flooring even those with under floor heating. So until someone invents a real flying carpet, here's a simple solution to those annoying ones.

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