Transaction Policy

To maintain high level of satisfaction levels between buyer, seller or affiliates we have developed transparent and fair transaction policies. Kindly review the following before conducting the sale or purchase of any item via

As we are facilitating the transaction between the seller and buyer, we are obliged to equally treat the users (seller or buyer) and give opportunity for the sellers to decide their buyers like buyers select sellers. Our Transactions Policies are as follows:

  1. It is the responsibility of the Seller to add the items for sale including prices, shipping cost and extra charges if applicable. It should be noted that Business sellers have to give cooling off period for 7 to individual buyers, however in Business to Business deals both parties can discuss among themselves and set time period which they mutually agree. While individual seller don’t need to give return or refund legally.

  2. After the Buyer has purchased the item the seller is notified of the shipping address.

  3. The Seller gives the tracking number to after shipping the item within the dispatch time. In situations where the incorrect tracking number is shared with the Its Handicraft team the transaction is nullified unless rectified.

  4. The buyer is informed of the tracking number.

  5. After receiving the item if there is no complaint from the buyer within cooling off period the transaction is considered as completed and the seller is paid accordingly.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to share his review about the product and delivery. Depending on different disputes the transaction policies are as follows :
a) In situations where the item is different than shown online: The buyer can send the item to the seller within cooling off 7 days and the buyer has to pay the shipping charges to the instructed address. On confirmation from the seller of the receipt of the item full money is refunded to the buyer & no reimbursement to the seller of any shipping expenses.

b) No item is shipped by the seller: If the seller doesn’t update about the tracking number within the selected dispatch period then full money is refunded to the buyer and the seller is reviewed or blacklisted depending on situations.

c) Item is lost in mail but tracking number is recorded: In this situation the case buyer gets the full refund after decision has been taken by the resolution team. This generally takes around 10 working days with some exceptions where it can be longer. The buyer will be updated about the progress of the decision on a weekly basis if the decision takes longer time. The seller has to deal with their courier service provider for their loss.

The transaction policy can be changed and shall be in effect as soon as it is published online. During situations where the buyer and the seller have disputes the Its Handicraft team will not act as arbitrator but the situation will be handled according to the above transaction policies. It is quite possible that either of the parties have to pay additional charges like shipping charges etc. to return the item to the seller (for Business sellers). The decision of the Its Handicraft management is final and the money can be given as credit or returned to the buyers account.


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