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The popular and faithful accessory

Since ancient times, bangles have been one of the major style accessories for women across all cultures. Although their origin cannot be properly traced, they probably were first worn by women of Indian region but they are loved by women around the world and even in the modern age they have not seen any dip in their demand. Rather their demand has increased with the introduction of designer and statement bangles. Various materials such as gold, silver, glass, wood, platinum, ferrous metals, plastic are used in their creation.

A unique range

Purely handcrafted bangles of an amazing array of colors, patterns, sizes, innovative shapes with truly intricate workmanship from around the world are available at Its Handicraft. We have no middlemen and here the artisans themselves are the sellers. They come from various parts of the world to sell their creations first hand to customers like you. Therefore, the products that you buy are truly genuine and one of a kind. We know how much you love wearing these beautiful creations and therefore, we have brought down their prices at really affordable level so that you can buy these unique pieces easily and flaunt your personality and style.

Visit us at today and start your collection!

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