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Appease your senses

Exuding an inviting and warm glow, candles are a marvelous addition to any home. Candles and holders offer an elegant, mystical and cozy feel to the interiors which is sure to set it apart from the drab interiors of your neighbors. Also their appealing aroma will make you feel relaxed and give a much needed rejuvenation to your body and mind. Now, getting a candle holder that suits your candle the best is also imperative. Many fancy holders and candles are now available which blend style and utility and give a whole new dimension to the look and feel of your interiors.

Place these beautiful candles and holders around your home in mantelpieces, shelves, windowsills, tables as ornate decorative elements as well as the source of soothing and alluring glow. Also they can be placed in water to create an exotic and mystical glow around. You can also use them as tableware while dining with your guests and also accessorize your gardens.

An amazing collection

Its Handicraft has the most incredible collection of exclusively handmade delightful candles and their holders. Their magnificence and beauty are at their very best when lighted but they look very fascinating even during the day. The biggest advantage you get while shopping with Its Handicraft is that you get to buy directly from the artisans. We do not have any middleman because artisans around the world come here personally to sell their creations to buyers. So you can be quite sure of the authenticity and singularity of the products. Moreover the reasonable prices of our products are another great reason to shop with us.

Give your home a delightful upgrade by buying the best handcrafted candles and holders from us.

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