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A unique accessory

Kilim stools are one of the most unique and distinctive furniture that will help you to deck up your interiors in a truly inventive and singular fashion.  A definite generator of international charm and regal charisma, they are sure to turn heads. Their demand is increasing considerably which is a testament of their excellence and their importance in modern home and interior décor. 

Unique designed stools upholstered with genuine and old kilims are known as kilim stools. Kilims are tapestry woven carpets and rugs that are basically handmade by the weavers belonging to the indigenous tribes of countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey. Each and every piece of kilim are singular works of art and no two kilims are exactly alike. When they are upholstered in stools and furniture the furniture itself becomes as singular as the kilim itself.

Distinctive furniture to light up your home

The assortment of kilim stools available at Its Handicraft is one of the very best. They are 100% handmade and come in a dazzling array of shapes, sizes and designs. The patterns and motifs on the tools are an echo of the geographical and cultural influences of the various regions of the world where they are created. The biggest advantage we offer you is that you do not have to undergo the hassles of a middleman. Artisans from different parts of the world come here to sell their creations to customers directly. Therefore the items sold are one of kind, genuine and have very reasonable prices. Their designs and patterns are very ornate and innovative which fuse easily with modern architecture and house planning.

Take a trip across the globe through our collection and bring international creativity to your home.

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