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Rugs that stand out

Cicim, also spelled jijim , a ruglike spread or hanging handmade in Anatolia, composed of variously coloured strips woven in ordinary cloth weave on a narrow loom and sewn together. Jijim rugs are now fast becoming a statement piece of home and interior decor of offices, hotels and the like. The patterns are usually provided by brocading while on the loom, but certain details may be embroidered later. Peculiar elements, such as feathers, may be incorporated in the brocading. Unless silk is used in the decoration, cicims are normally all wool. The technique appears also in other parts of the Middle East. Nowadys, they are also created with cotton.

Exotic rugs at your fingertips

Jijim rugs that are purely handcrafted are aplenty for you in Its Handicraft. Jijims from all over the world with their exotic and distict workmanship are available here. We believe in free and fair trade and therefore we have completely eliminated the middlemen from all our dealings. As such, you can buy directly from the artisans. This go a long way in ensursing the quality and authenticy of the products. Also no middlemen makes the prices very much reasonable so that everyone can buy these unique pieces of art.

The jijim rugs are a great addition to your home and they blend very well with modern home architecture and planning. Buy from us and give an international touch to your home. 

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