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Innovative Tea lights to give that mysterious feel

From being just teapot warmers, T- Lights have indeed come along way. They are now one of the most favored elements for home decoration. These lights have an almost exhaustive range of styles, patterns, sizes, shapes and utilities. They are used as votive candles, or as lighting to hide or focus some special artifacts or parts of room. They add the visual delight to interior décor as well as look mystic as garden lights. T-Lights can also be used to heat aromatic oil and if floated in water create a very decorative effect.

Exotic and functional with unique looks

Tea lights with some of the most unique and rare designs from different regions of the world are sold at Its handicraft. The artistic distinctness, skills, specialties of different parts of the world find their expression in our collection. We do not have any middlemen and therefore every item is sold here directly by the artisans themselves. Here you deal with the makers directly and as such you can buy authentic and rare products easily. Also the prices of items sold here are more reasonable than most online shopping sites.

Shop with us and create exclusive décor for your home.

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