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The royal accessory

Purses and clutches are the royalty among accessories. They are what set you apart from others and give a glamorous finish to your outfits. Classic or chic, flashy or ornate, they bring out your true charisma and highlight the bolder, better and fascinating aspect of your personality and make you stand out from the regular crowd. They reveal your personality and elegance like no other.

Be the style guru

One of the best and leading platforms for purses and clutches of the most exciting variety is Its Handicraft. They are your ideal counterpart while you are out enjoying or making a name for yourself. All items sold here are handmade products created by artisans from various parts of the world. Their products show the influences of culture, environment and work traditions of the regions of their conception. Here you can find pieces which are both classic as well as hip and trendy, elegant as well as ravishing. The biggest advantage you get by shopping with us is that unlike other selling platforms, you do not have to endure the hassles of middlemen. Here the artisans themselves come to sell their products directly to buyers. This makes the products one of kind and truly unique. Also their reasonable prices will surprise you pleasantly.

Buy from our collection of the finest purses and clutches and be the talk of the town.

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