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Something to show off

A badge is a logo or tag which is worn on a person’s dress, bags etc. to signify the person as having a special political, social, theatrical or environmental inclination or being a member of a group or upholding a singular cause. Wearing badges that show off your personality as well as give a good insight into your views and beliefs is one of the trends of today. Displaying pin badges is perhaps one of the best ways to showcase your likes and flair anywhere. Not only do they command attention by being attached to your shirt, dress or tees but also they are statement pieces as in your sleeve, covers for your bags, laptops and the like.

Your wish granted

A host of handcrafted badges are available at Its Handicraft. Artisans from all around the world come here personally to sell their creations here at truly affordable prices. It is so because we do not have any middlemen and therefore you deal directly with the makers of the products. They are your perfect foil to display your views and get quite a unique look about you. Be it any occasion or any thought, our badges will definitely fulfill your wish. Moreover, you can gift them to your loved ones which they are sure to love and value.

Browse through our trendy collection and show off your thoughts in style.

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