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Itshandicraft is a unique shopping platform for handicraft products where the artisans, manufacturers and export houses themselves are the sellers. The aim of Itshandicraft is to change the way traditional business is done. Those who register themselves as wholesale buyer can take full advantage of it. Just fill in our application form and if our compliance team finds your application satisfactory, you will become one of the members of our ever increasing network of wholesale buyers.
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Thought behind Itshandicraft wholesale
Our teams travel to various artisans of developing countries like India, Nepal, Turkey etc. Most of these artisans do not have big equipments or enough facilities to shop their products outside their local radius and they know very little on operating a smartphone, computer, laptop or things like that.Most of them are poor and have very hard social conditions and many do not understand even English.Therefore, they do not know very well how the online marketplaces work. These make the artisans a soft target for the cheating middlemen who buy from them at very low prices and sell these to the buyer at high prices even in wholesale. Many export houses, manufacturers have complained the same thing to our team personally. Therefore, we have tried to create a fresh new approach to wholesale buying by building a wholesale model which is transparent and flexible for both wholesale buyers and sellers. Our aim is to avoid the negatives of similar shopping platforms like etsy, amazon handmade etc. We believe in Fair Trade and we hope to give a better deal to both parties involved at reasonable wholesale prices. The artisans (sellers) should get their deserving share for their hard work and the wholesale buyers too should not get cheated. Therefore, we have totally eliminated the middlemen and every deal that is settled through Its Handicraft is done between the original maker and actual buyer.
Dazzling creativity and a deal to match
Its handicraft has a great collection of unique handicraft products with beautiful workmanship. Advantages with Its Handicraft wholesale buying are:
  • With us, the wholesale buyer can enjoy the original bulk discount listed for a product even when they do not buy the actual quantity required. If they buy small quantities of different items from the same seller, the discount is still available
  • There are situations when the wholesale buyer really wants to buy a product but the seller does not have the number of pieces the buyer requires. Therefore the purchase cannot be done. Now, the wholesale buyers no longer have to worry. With our special feature made to order they can order the amount that they need, even when the seller does not have the required amount listed at present. The buyer and the seller can settle a deadline within which the seller will make the extra number of items and ship it to the buyer.
  • While browsing buyer might see a product which they like but cannot buy it because the price may not be competitive enough as per their customer base. Make an offer tool assists the wholesale buyer to offer a more reasonable rate to the artisan (seller) so that they can make the purchase.
  • Counter Offer: If the price offered by the buyer seems too low for the wholesale seller, he can either reject it or propose a different price. Suppose the wholesaler suggests no cut in the original price but free shipping. If it does not attract the buyer they, you can again propose another offer such as little increase in the price from the original bid and a small percentage for shipping. Now if both parties agree consent, the deal can go through.
Who are getting benefitted from this wholesale model of Itshandicraft?
With this innovative wholesale model, most of the wholesale buyers can get benefitted greatly. Suppose a wholesale buyer is a retailer with a jewelry shop and he wants to buy items to sell. What he has mostly done till now is to either buy large quantities which he does not need but is forced to do so only for getting the bulk discount or he bought the exact amount say 30-40 pieces and paid for them in retail. Both ways the wholesale buyer is not getting a good bargain. But our model helps the buyer to forget all these problems and buy products in a whole new way which would give a boost to their business. Many retailers have joined us as wholesale buyers and have been very pleased the way things are planning out. Already registered small and online traders are loving this platform as they can now buy beautiful handmade products at reasonable wholesale prices and most of them have seen a rise in their profit margin since joining us. Our wholesale model is very good for buyers who need small amounts and those who buy large quantities of products. It is also very ideal for sellers who are beginners or have small start ups and those who have professional knowledge and experience in selling. Read more about our wholesale selling here. More and more buyers are joining our wholesale model and they are seeing their business expand sustainably. Don’t get left behind, register with us today and take your business to new heights!
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