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Boots with a twist

Is not it just awesome when people are bowled over by your style and dressing sense? Well now give them a visual treat with the incredible suzani shoes and boots.

Suzani is a type of ornamental and embroidered textile made by the tribes of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. Suzani comes from suzan meaning needle in Persian. In today’s world, suzani has become identical with the stunning embroidery works done in Uzbekistan.

Boots to die for

The most vivid collection of suzani shoes and boots can be found at Its Handicraft. The hand embroidery on suzani textiles are the most extraordinary and breathtaking. Whether you want beautiful floral patterns or geometric designs, vintage motifs or contemporary impressions you are sure to get anything that you desire. Purely handmade with conventional techniques and having a wide variety in the designs of shoes and boot types, these unique pieces will compliment any wardrobe. The biggest advantage you get from shopping here is that you do not have to endure the hassles of a middleman and rather deal with the makers themselves. Here, artisans from various parts of the world gather to sell their products directly to customers. Therefore the products here are one of a kind and have the most affordable prices.

Do not wait anymore and buy from our exciting range of suzani shoes and boots.

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