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Decorate your home

Home decoration is an art and wall hanging rugs and kilims are a great accessory to revitalize your home and show off your superior sense of home decoration. They are gradually catching up because of their rarity, elegance and their ability to lend international flair and freshness to any room.

Experience the best

Choose from our collection of wall hanging rugs where each and every piece is handcrafted with utmost care. Itshandicraft is a unique place where weavers and artisans from various parts of the world come to sell their products directly to customers. The color schemes, motifs and patterns and weaving techniques are bona fide, singular and exceptional and they showcase the geographical and cultural influence of the region where they were created. The prices of these rare items are surprisingly low because there is no middleman in the picture.

The best way to hang them

Putting up the wall hanging with the help of a rod by stitching a casing for a rod at the back of the hanging is a good way. Also to distribute weight evenly, a frame can be put up and the kilim be attached to it facing the room and its back covering the frame.

Explore our complete collection and choose the ones which goes with your thinking.

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