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Versatile and beautiful, rugs and carpets are those elements of home decor which you can customize according to your tastes, needs and whishes. They are one of the most versatile items which give an insight into your personality and taste.

Create your dream home

With the mammoth collection at ItsHandicraft, now you can create the truly beautiful and exceptional home that you have always wanted. Rugs of almost an unlimited variety, make and designs are sold here. Rug makers from across the globe converge here to sell their products. They are 100% handicraft products and are adorned with the style, cultures, essence and workmanship of the regions where they come from. You can buy directly from the makers instead of dealing with middlemen. This guarantees that the products you buy are singular pieces of art. Indian, Persian, Turkish, Afghani, European every type of rug you will find here. Moreover, the prices of these one of a kind delightful rugs are very much affordable compared to other sellers which will make your shopping experience with us more enjoyable.

Get the best deals for rugs for sale online or in Store, View one of the most comprehensive collections of Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Afghan Rugs and Handmade Rugs on

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