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Cushions with a difference

Floor kilim cushions are increasingly becoming a loved and popular item of home décor. Kilms are woven by flat weave method. They are lightweight, durable and are quite easy to maintain. The craftsmanship and beautiful designs of the floor kilim cushions give your home a freshness, elegance and flair which is really exceptional. Floor kilm cushions are large or extra large cushions or pillows that are used when lying on the floor. Also they are used for extra seating or as footrests. They can be of various sizes and shapes. The perfect floor cushions are those which are soft and have the proper height to act as footrest while sitting on the sofa or easy chair.

The best in business

Floor kilim cushions of the finest make can be found here at Its Handicraft. Each and every piece sold here is handmade by artisans from around the world. These artisans come to this platform to sell their items directly to buyers like you. As such you do not have to deal with the middleman and can directly buy from the source. This protects the rarity of the products and makes them easily affordable.

Visit the world through our collection and buy yourself a slice of beauty. 

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