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Kilim Bench Stools looks Beautiful Decorative Handmade Traditional whenever placed in a living room, study or any other extremely visible place of a home.

Kilim Furniture mainly include Kilim Stools, Kilim sofas, Kilim Furniture, trunks, tables or other kind of furniture made up from kilims.

All Kilims used in our products is old and genuine. Since every kilim is unique, the coloring and motifs will vary from each piece of furniture.

Kilim Stools & Kilim Furniture can be made to order for any size, we manufacture upholstered furniture using old Turkish Kilims and fabrics.

Kilim furniture is becoming popular day by day and is cementing its position as one of the essentials of beautiful and distinctive home décor.

Such furniture is rare and unique and makes your interiors unconventional, stylish, and elegant and brings vibrancy and global feel.

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