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Light up your home

Kilim cushion covers have become the desired item of interior decoration in many homes. Kilims are made by flat weave procedure. That is why they are lightweight and do not require much maintenance. So they are great for wall hanging, pillow, cushion covers and such things. They give your interiors a global flair and bring in freshness and elegance that is distinct from regular interiors.

Peerless products

Its handicraft is the home to cushion covers of an amazing variety from across the world. Trendy and traditional designs, mellow and bright colors, big and small all types of kilim cushion covers are sold here. The special thing about ItsHandicraft is that the artisans and cushion makers themselves come here to sell their products to buyers. That is why the products sold here are rare and their quality is second to none. Also what make these products more appealing are the prices. As the artisans personally sell their products, there is no middleman in picture and this brings down the prices of the items to a great extent.

Discover our full range of Kilim Cushion Covers on itshandicraft. Shop now from our Kilim Pillows, Kilim Cushions, ikat Cushion Cover, Silk Suzani Pillow Covers, Turkish Kilim Cushions and many more in

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