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What is Ikat

Ikat cushion cover is a great way to deck up your interiors in a rare and wonderful way. Ikat refers to a dyeing process that is used to pattern textiles using a resist dyeing process in the weft or warp fibers. In some very costly creations, this process is used both on the warp and weft before dyeing and weaving. The stability here is achieved by binding thread bundles with a strong wrapping made in the pattern which is needed and then dyed. The bindings can also be changed if needed and the bundles again dyed in a different color. This generates beautiful multicolored and ornate patterns. The bindings are removed after dyeing is done and the thread is then woven into delightful clothes.

Buy from the experts

 This unique ikat cushion cover is a novelty in interior decoration. Buy from the amazing collection of ikat cushion covers available at Its Handicraft which is being loved by people more and more. Our collection is one of the best and we have no middlemen. The makers of ikat themselves are the sellers. They come from various parts of the world to sell their creations directly to customers like you. This guarantees that the items are genuine, have the best quality while being surprisingly affordable at the same time.

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