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Heartfelt prayer

Rosary beads have been used since thousands of years as an integral part of devotion. Catholic spirituality is characterized by devotion to rosary. The importance of beads have been eulogized by many saints as well as popes. The meditative and the reflective elements and their use have been asserted again and again by religious leaders. You need to have concentration, reverence and pure intentions while praying with rosary.

An enviable range of genuine handmade rosary

Its Handicraft brings to you 100% handmade artisan jewellery and rosary from around the world. Artisans from all corners of the world come here to sell their creations personally to buyers like you. We at Its Handicraft believe in fair and transparent trade and therefore we have eliminated the middleman completely so that you deal only with the makers of the products themselves. As such you can get authentic products at affordable prices. Rosary beads of various shapes, size and colors are available here so that you can choose any type you want which goes according to your spiritual taste and requirements.

Browse from our range and choose the one which appeals most to your spirituality.

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