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About Kilimwarehouse
Kilimwarehouse - We love natural things and used in our life’s. Natural is one way to continue thier life for human being. We belive that have some responsibilities so we use this philosophy in our job. We interest this job since 1970’s. We sell kilim rugs which handmade, old, unique and wait come to light for used again by human being. Nowadays people realise power of natural things and we submit these items.

We explain all details these items before you take, we called ‘recyling line’
First of all, we collect since 1970 started with my father who is rugs expert on Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Turkish kilim rug is handmade, unique and old. They are weaving by anatolian women’s means designer and creator are these womens and weave these rugs for use their home or for sell. But now these items not produce and its hard to find good condition. Some of them waiting warehouse, box,case …etc. We travel around the Anatolia to collect these beatiful rugs for give chance to used again our homes.

Secondly, we check all items which most of them dirty or damaged. We can decide items age,material,condition and naturality Also we take help from 2 goverment agency first one is Istanbul Chamber of Commerce decide age and condition. Second agaency is Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum decide material, naturality and region of items. All these process we decide suitable for selling to customer. At the same time washed natural shampoo in our small washing place.

After get suitable report we put all items under the sun. Sun lights cleans harmful micro organism also these lights find out real colours of natural dye. Another step is repair these rugs damaged, wear and hole. We have 2 repairmen working nearly 20 years in 30 square meters shop. We restore kilim rug faithful the original. We use same material and colors yarn. Last step is ironing. These items are handwoven so not shape straight like machinery product. We use special ironing to give straigt shape of rugs shortly edges and corner become smooth. We restore 10 rugs for suitable to using in one week. We working this shop 5 people include me, 2 repairman also they are shipper, 1 worker in washing place, 1 worker in ironing place.

Our items have certificate (origin, age) from Yıldız halı kilim San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. which my shop in Turkey.
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