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RADHA - Master craftsmen at Radha Exports House have created the world's most beautiful carpets from their workshops in Bhadohi India since 2005.From our generation; we are in the field of rug manufacturing and finally decided to establish a export House to provide the knowledge and good price to customer’s

Radha Exports House maintains a presence in the luxury offering floor covering solutions like carpets, Durries, Hand Knotted, Jacquard, Hand Loom . Over the years we have grown to become reputed providers of decorative flooring textiles. From large productions to smaller batch made-by-hand, highly-skilled workers in Radha Exports House campus embrace each task with the benefit of traditional techniques as well as the latest advancements in tufted and Durries weaving. Radha Exports House sources the highest quality and most innovative materials like fine wools and PET fiber (made from recycled water bottles), which help them to create their indoor/outdoor rug’s and solutions for high-traffic areas.

Social responsibility is a core value at Radha Exports House , both for its employees as well as the environment. Radha Exports House is committed to environmental and social initiatives focusing on natural and sustainable materials using non-toxic dyes.

Radha Exports House Campus is of 24000Ft Area. We are Having Skilled Weaver to follow the traditional style of Weaving. Our Most of the product are Hand made.
We do not use harmful chemical’s to dye the wool.
We also have hot rooms to follow the unconditional weather.

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